2016 Zodiac Futura Mark II C Alu

2016 Zodiac Futura Mark II C Alu

During long trips or for water skiing, Futura crafts will give you full advantage of a smooth and comfortable ride enjoyed from either the steering position (with its elegant, GRP console of modern design) or the three seats with backrests (optional). You will enjoy its space, its comfort under way and its planing ability, even when heavily laden. The large detachable bow bag, the optional bag under the bench and the built-in console locker make on board stowage easier.

The Futura hull (a Zodiac patent) is a perfect technical combination of Zodiac know-how. It comprises a large diameter keel and two detachable, perfectly proportioned, cushioning inflatable tubes, under the boat (inflatable from inside the boat). The result is a fast, comfortable ride since the speed tubes reduce surface drag and absorb bumps from choppy water.

The hydrodynamic lift and reduced drag resulting from this design allows Futura to plane easily, even with a full load, and to reach remarkable speeds with only moderate sized outboards. Stable, Futura tracks straight and true, without sideslip or cavitation, especially important when you have a slalom skier behind. Full of confidence, you can enjoy your sport to the full or just simply take to a stretch of water, open up the gas and experience the Futura in its element.

Available in ALU (aluminum floor), or FR (H2P woven polyester airfloor) versions.