2016 Zodiac Cadet 200 Roll-Up

2016 Zodiac Cadet 200 Roll-Up

The Cadet is a small tender with nothing to fear from the larger ones. Its buoyancy structure with progressive capacity gives more stability and hence more safety. This unique concept, especially suitable for 4-stroke motors, has an amazing load capacity and superior space. Very compact and easy to stow in a cockpit locker.

3 floor options
The new Light Rollers, with the H2P inflatable floor, bring together comfort and lightness. High performance, the plywood floor models (series S) have inflatable keels which means you start planing rapidly and enjoy greater manoeuvrability. The slatted wooden floor (200, 240, 260) completes the layout of the tender on inflating the buoyancys but it can be stowed in its bag without dismantling the slats. The Cadet has a welded structure and offers generous standard equipment: built in Strongan Duotex fabrics, fitting for flaps, new rapid installation bench seat, reclining oar supports, all-round ribbed rubbing strake, towing rings, stringers (285 S,310 S,340 S) with built-in tie-down system.