2015 Nassau 3204

Nassau 3204 Sportfish Brings Back Famous Bertram 31 Hull

Performance is another aspect of the Nassau that’s far removed from the Bertrams of yesteryear. Modern construction methods allowed the builder to shave a whopping 3,200 pounds off the original weight, which is nearly a third of the boat’s overall heft. Credit goes to Baltec balsa-core construction, which maintains excellent strength without mass quantities of glass and resin. Combine that weight savings with the 315-hp Yanmars and, according to Nassau, the 3204 will break 40 mph. The only time an original Bertram 31 ever made that kind of speed was when it was being trucked down the highway. The excessive wetness of the old Bertrams is also alleviated a bit with the reduced weight, since the boat sits higher in the water.